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Lauren Osa

Call For A Free Initial Consultation

(813) 286-9555

Lauren has practiced exclusively in bankruptcy law for 11+ years since gaining admission to the Florida Bar in 2007.


Prior to running her own bankruptcy firm, Lauren managed the consumer bankruptcy department of multiple firms in both Florida and New York, helping thousands of people along the way. She began her career in 2007 as an associate bankruptcy attorney for a newly formed Tampa law firm where she helped them grow from nothing into one of the largest filers of consumer bankruptcy in the Tampa area. Building on the success Lauren had there, she then accepted a position leading the bankruptcy department of a large multi-state firm based in White Plains, NY. During her time there, utilizing her bankruptcy expertise and a focus on putting clients first, she was able to grow the bankruptcy department into one of the most successful departments in the company. This did not go unnoticed as she was then offered the chance to return to Florida accepting a position as the main bankruptcy attorney at a Tampa based bankruptcy law firm responsible for handling all cases throughout the State of Florida.

The firm partners with St. Petersburg based attorney Joe Kopp (Kopp Law PA) on many cases and matters. Joe is an experienced attorney, running a successful multi-practice firm with offices around the Tampa area

Lauren has been helping consumers in bankruptcy matters for over 10 years. She knows that everyone’s situation is different and takes the time necessary to make sure all her client’s specific needs are met to their satisfaction.


Call Lauren today at (813) 286 - 9555 for a free consultation to see if she can help you on your quest to financial freedom.

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